Ben the Squirrel Monkey

My name is Ben. I am a Squirrel Monkey and I live at Monkeyland.
Did you know that Squirrel monkeys are considered
to be one of the cleverest monkeys due to having a large brain compared to the size of their body.
I love to run through the tree canopy chasing after my friends. Squirrel monkeys like me can travel at speeds of up to 22 miles per hour that’s more than 35 kilometers an hour! Faster than you humans.
I hear that male humans average 13 kilometers an hour and the females only average 10. I feel sad for the humans because it must take them so very long to get anywhere because they are so slow.
My daily routine is pretty simple. I wake up early, eat, play, play some more, eat, play, play some more, eat, play,
play some more and then I go to sleep when the sun sets. At night, I sleep huddled together huddled together with
my friends and family on branches. We like to wrap our tails wrapped around their bodies – kind of like a scarf.
Because of my small size, I can easily access fruit, blossoms, and leaves at the ends of branches. Larger monkeys
cannot do this because the branches will break and they will fall.
Did you know that only female squirrel monkeys are able to see the colour red, males like me are red-green colour blind.
You should come to visit me at Monkeyland. They have safari guides here who teach the visitors fun facts. I learn so
much every day.