Future Property plans

Expanding Horizons: Securing the Future for Primates Beyond Monkeyland

Our current priority is the well-being and future of the primates at Monkeyland, in Plettenberg Bay.
You might remember that between 2018 and 2019, hundreds of primates from Monkeyland were relocated to The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary in KwaZulu Natal. These primates, just like those at Monkeyland, are cared for by SAASA (The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance) on a forested property spanning over 18 hectares.

Similarly, the property in KwaZulu-Natal is not owned by the primates themselves. We have initiated discussions with the landowner with the goal of securing the forest for the benefit of the primates in KwaZulu-Natal. While the landowner is indeed willing to collaborate with SAASA on this pivotal agreement, our unwavering dedication lies in seeing our current campaign through to its completion.
We are steadfastly securing one habitat at a time, ensuring the well-being and protection of wildlife with each step forward.