Mark The Langur

Meet Mark, the oldest of the three Hanuman Langur brothers. With his silvered fur and kind eyes, Mark is a revered figure among his family. Though he may be old in years, his spirit burns bright, and he spends his days imparting wisdom to his two younger brothers.

Mark can often be found sitting on the side of the walk ways with his legs in the way of visitors.  It is his way to make sure everyone sees him.  We do believe his favourite thing to do is to people watch. 

Mark at times will be spotted sleeping on a feeding table in between feeding times to make sure he is ready when the food arrives and so that he gets the best of what is available.  

Mark and his 2 younger brothers who know live at Monkeyland in Plettenberg Bay, came to this sanctuary from a breeding program set up to save the species from extinction, just because these three where not prime to breed with does not mean that they should just be discarded.  It is for this reason that a Final Forever home such as Monkeyland stays available and secure for Mark and many others to come. 

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