Buster The Capuchin Monkey

My name is Buster, and I am about as big as a Capuchin male can get. I have a large troop that I am responsible for and take my position very serious. 
If looking at me put you in the mood for a Cappuccino, you will be spot on – Cappuccino’s and Hooded Capuchins both got their names from the Hooded Monks. So, grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you how I know I am the main man on campus…or forest, I guess.
Us males have it easy, especially the big guys like me, and we sit back and wait for the ladies to make a move – the youngsters will run up and touch my fur and then run away to see if I watch them go, if they do not get my immediate attention, they might even throw things my way.
I know it sounds like I make the girls do all the work but trust me when I tell you that if a girl becomes mine – she will be taken care off at all times. Family is important and being the main dude comes with responsibilities.
Please help me with this, help me to keep our home safe for us forever.