Maddy The Howler Monkey

My name is Maddy and I am a Black Howler Monkey. Now I know you are all jealous of my blond highlights but as I am a female I will always be blond. Like many human babies mine are all born with blond hair however my boys will all eventually become pitch black and my girls will stay blond. Having blond babies that hide in my fur makes me a wonderful mother.
I know some people think my family and I are loud and lazy but let me put it to you this way, our sound can be heard over 5km away. That is thanks to a little bone in our throats called a hyoide bone, however that does make
our sound seems a bit guttural and scary sounding. For me it is just loud enough so my whole family can hear no matter how far away they might have moved to graze. Yes I said graze because we love chomping down on mostly green leaves and leavy vegetables. If we are not having a big old snack my family and I love to spend quality time together so we are not lazy we are just very family orientated and when we are all together, we do not want to leave as we are happy as can be. Come find me and my family up a tree in the Monkeyland forest.