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Be an angel Buy a square meter (or more!) of forest to help preserve our sanctuary

What is the motivation for this real estate deal?

Sometimes you need a dramatic event like the COVID pandemic to highlight potential threats that have always existed but have lingered under the radar, so to speak.

In our case, which I think is very unique, we have a Proprietary Limited company, granted with like minded conservation oriented shareholders who have put their money where their mouths are time and time again, and as recently as April 2020.

This (Pty) Ltd company owns the property Portion 12 Kirbywood Farm 302 which is 22,8 hectare in extent, and it is on this property that Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary is situated.

The shareholders of the (Pty) Ltd property are with a few exceptions aged between 65 and 90, the high risk group in terms of the pandemic, and all in the later side of their lives. The heirs, who would mainly be the children of the original shareholders, have again with no exceptions, not shown the same interest as their parents in the sanctuary. Many of them have not visited the sanctuary in the last 20 years.

Now with the COVID pandemic all revenue has ceased, while our running costs to feed and care for the animals in our care continues at R600,000+ a month after scaling down where we could.

Clearly the sanctuary could not sustain those costs without any income, and the shareholders of the (Pty) Ltd were approached to provide R5,200,000 to carry the cost of running the sanctuaries and caring and feeding the animals for the next 8 to 9 months, all the original shareholders took up the challenge, only the heirs of previously deceased original shareholders did not take up the challenge, but thankfully the original shareholders paid the short fall of who did not.

That was a sobering exercise, and one wonders what would have happened if the majority of shareholders where heirs and not original shareholders, probably no money would have been raised and there is a good chance that the heirs in a case like that, may have opted to close the “black hole” and sell the property. That would leave the monkeys at Monkeyland without a home, with a bleak and uncertain future; the property is the one essential element of their future that is vulnerable for that reason.

We also have a Non Profit Organisation called SAASA (South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance) which was formed as oversight of the plight of the monkeys and other animals, to be a disconnected party and custodian of the wellbeing of the animals. But SAASA owns no property, so in the event of there being a change of heart in the (Pty) Ltd company shareholders down the line, where they decide to call it a day and dispose of the property, SAASA unfortunately does not have the funds, and will be unlikely to be able to raise that kind of finance in a short period of time if at all.

The existing shareholders of the (Pty) Ltd understanding this risk to the future of the company and the monkeys, have agreed to sell the property to SAASA based on a private mortgage bond, whereby SAASA immediately starts to raise the funds it would require to fund the purchase of the property at current market value as well raising capital for a emergency  fund to maintain the sanctuary going forward.

The Trustees of SAASA have decided that the most practical way to meet this challenge will be to open the purchase of the property to like minded citizens of the World in a campaign called “Buy a square meter of forest for the Monkeys”.

To this end, if all the square meters are sold at $5 each, that would provide sufficient capital to pay the (Pty) Ltd company for the property and costs, and leave a realistic emergency  fund to cover the costs related to the care and feeding of the animals going forward, should the need arise.

Why should I buy a Square Meter of forest?

Firstly, I think we all have an element of compassion for nature, and the chances are, that if you are reading this you do too.

Animals in general have been dealt a raw deal, in most the instances of endangerment and or extinction is has to do with their habitat being threatened and taken away, plus all the misery that follows that.

Well, this is no different, as in essence the original Monkeyland animals are already a victim of this, but were rescued from hideous laboratories, vivisection, zoo’s and pet confinement, and brought to Monkeyland where they have lived and bred as free roaming monkeys resulting in 10 generations of new born that have never been exposed to the misery that their parents previously endured. Currently, all this is at threat due to the possible change of heart of the evolving shareholders of the property owning company. Take away their forest and the primates are no better off than their ancestors were.

This is a real, “Real Estate” deal, the actual existing property that Monkeyland is on is being purchased by SAASA an NPO which has as its aim, to protect the lives and rights of the animals of which it is a custodian, and to assist any other animals wherever they may be as well.

This campaign is with the mutual agreement of the existing landowner and the NPO, the contractual agreement has been drawn up by Fluxman Attorneys South Africa’s leading Attorney firm and the entire process is under constant scrutiny of Mazars a top 5 untainted South African Auditing company.

This campaign offers you an opportunity to donate as little as $5 and be part of a real property purchase that will secure the future of the monkeys at Monkeyland.

All amounts donated will be issued with a Tax Exemption Certificate.

Are there any other future property plans?

One step at a time, right now we are concentrating on the Monkeyland primates, and their future on Portion 12 of Kirbywood 302.

As many of you will know that hundreds of primates from Monkeyland were also relocated to a new home at Monkeyland KZN in 2018 and 2019. These primates are also under the custodianship of SAASA (The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance) on a forested property of just over 18 hectares.

Like the monkeys at Monkeyland, the property in KZN is also property they do not own through their custodian SAASA. In brief and “In principal” terms we have spoken to this landowner as well, with the intention to start dialog of a possible similar deal where that forest can also be secured forever for the use of the KZN monkeys and primates.

That landowner has also indicated his understanding and willingness to talk to SAASA about such an agreement, however we will only look at that after we are happy with the progress in the current campaign on Kirbywood farm.

Is this above-board?

Yes this is a totally above board, with legally binding agreements signed by both parties.

This campaign is with the mutual agreement of the existing landowner and the NPO, the contractual agreement has been drawn up by Fluxmans Attorneys South Africa’s leading Attorney firm and the entire process is under constant scrutiny of Mazars a top 5 untainted South African Auditing company.

What is in it for me?

You are going to secure the future of a very special group of over 600 primates (monkeys) emanating from every corner of the world.

You are going to be part of a very innovative real estate deal where animals are the benefactors.

You will receive a Tax Exemption certificate for the amount of your donation.

Every square meter of the property your donation buys for the primates is numbered and recorded on this website.

You will also receive a unique donation number, related to the purchase of square meters, and this information will also be held at the sanctuary, as we know you will come and visit the monkeys.

For every $50 donated to this project, the sanctuary will honor the donor with a free visit to the sanctuary after the finalization of the actual purchase and transfer of the property into the NPO (SAASA) by the South African Deeds Office.

Please note: donation to purchase a Square meter of forest will ultimately allow the monkeys to own the land through SAASA. The donor is making a donation and will not personally own the square meter. His/her  donation will allow the monkeys to own the property.

A rough outline of the Monkeyland property boundaries. Each block represent about 4500 square meters
A rough outline of the Monkeyland property boundaries. Each block represent about 4500 square meters
Monkeyland landscape
Monkeyland landscape
Monkeyland landscape
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