Henry the Vervet

My name is Henry.
I am a very old Vervet Monkey. I spend most of my day babysitting my grandchildren while their parents are busy with other things. I am an elder, and we tend to take life at a slower pace. 
Keeping a watchful eye over the grand children is something I really enjoy doing. About 10 years ago, when I was in my prime, I was the alpha male of my group here at Monkeyland. 
Alpha males have the 1st choice when they pick a lady to love. Did you know that Vervet monkeys can recognise their family and friends vocalisations. Just like with humans our voices are individual and very unique.
With ages comes respect because we have so much that we can teach our younger family members. It is summer time at the moment so this month I am going to teach my grandchildren how to swim. Interestingly we have partially webbed fingers and toes and this helps to propel us in the water. I can even swim underwater, but now that I am older I struggle to hold my breath for long periods of time. 
My body is not as strong as it used to be, but my mind is still clear. Teaching my grandchildren life skills is what I do now and I love it. I hope that I will be around for a few more years so that I can see my grandchildren grow up healthy, strong, confident and wise. 
What more can an elder really wish for? Family means everything to me. Us Vervet monkeys always put family first.