Maya The Black-and-White
Ruffed Lemur

My name is Maya. My brother was Shakespeare, and we were 2 of the first set of Triplets born here at Monkeyland Plett. We are easily distinguished from other Ruffed Lemurs because we lost our tails in the same event that lost our triplet his life.
My brother lost his life a few years ago so since then it has just been me – the only one without a tail. Luckily for me our tail is only there to look awesome, but I rock my black and white fur without it. I love hanging by my feet from trees and will even groom my family this way. This is not because of my tail – lots of Ruffed Lemurs do this.
We prefer to spend just about every minute we can in the trees and when we do move on the ground, we look like a
cat pouncing instead of just walking.