Buy a piece of forest for the primates

Buy a m² of forest for the monkeys for 5$ now

‘Buy’ a square meter (or more) of the Monkeyland sanctuary for as little as $5 and be part of a real property purchase that will secure the future of the monkeys at Monkeyland.

For every $50 donated to this project, the sanctuary will honor the donor with a free visit to the sanctuary after the finalization of the actual purchase and transfer of the property.

All donations will be issued with a Tax Exemption Certificate.

Race against extinction


The aim: Finding a decent solution for the washouts of the African Grey Parrot pet industry in South Africa, a new home for ex-pet African Grey Parrots.

African Grey parrots are amongst the world’s most popular avian pets and as result also the world’s most traded parrot. Trapping for the pet trade together with habitat destruction has had extremely severe consequences for the wild African Grey populations to such extend that these parrots have virtually been eliminated from the wild.

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